Packaging for tobacco

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The production of cigarette packaging requires the most modern and professional equipment. This kind of equipment in particular ensures the qualitative stability of mass production, which is relevant for the production of very large quantities of tobacco packages. We pay a lot of attention to working tools (cutting knives, cliches), which we purchase from the best manufacturers in the world.

Technologies and potential


High performance

Efficiency growth depends on employees’ skills and the use of modern equipment not only in the printing but also in the cutting and gluing stages. Based on this, we are constantly updating the printing-house by raising the competence of our employees and following innovations in the field of printing.

Quality is more than a standard

We maintain the highest quality in the production of both conventional classic and exclusive non-standard packaging. We ensure convenient transportation and storage. Packages are produced from start to finish, leaving the customer only to pack or seal.

Scandinavian experience

Over the years we have had successful cooperation with Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. We manufacture labels and packaging for apparel, the food industry, confectionery, cosmetics, and beer for the Scandinavian market.

We seek to responsibly address the local Scandinavian market and its needs and to offer the best service. We are excited that our clients trust our work and appreciate our quality/price ratio, order completion rate, technical compliance, observance of environmental standards in production, as well as our social responsibilities.

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