About Us

Trustpack is an innovative printing-house providing the highest quality services, located in Lithuania. We trust our professional staff, use the most modern equipment and listen to the customer's needs, therefore our packaging and labels always meet the highest standards.


  • To help create added value for customers on mutually beneficial and sustainable terms.
  • To provide employees with opportunities for professional development and growth in a strong internal culture organization.
  • Aspire to continuous growth, ensuring maximum return on investment.


Become a recognized partner in Lithuania and internationally providing innovative and quality printing services.

Top quality

The company’s products and services are characterized by their particularly high quality. All operations are performed by highly qualified, experienced specialists, who make maximum use of the possibilities provided by the latest technologies.

Modern approach

We seek continuous improvement; therefore, we continuously invest in the development of innovations, modernization of technologies, and mastery of new products.


We abide by our obligations and take responsibility for the quality of the work entrusted to us. As well as, their fulfillment on agreed time. We trust our product and make every effort to get the desired result for the customer.


We believe that everything is possible. Each assignment from you is like a journey we take together. Together with our customers, we transform ideas into reality step by step.


Modern approach

Our knowledge and experience help in handling critical situations. We seek continuous improvement. We keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry and apply them in our day-to-day operations. We share our knowledge and experience with our clients, colleagues, and partners.


We comply with our obligations and assume responsibility for the quality of tasks entrusted to us and their completion at the agreed time. We operate as a sustainable part of the environment and society. We welcome feedback, which we always accept and respond to. We aspire to cater for the needs of both our domestic and foreign clients in a quality and efficient manner.


We are creative and continually search for new operational solutions. We achieve the best results at the best cost. We have many ideas and implement the best. We are flexible – prompt and professional decisions are made only when you are flexible and proficient. Our aim is to ensure that our work is based on justified business solutions and that our services are of the finest quality.


We operate in a transparent, reliable, and honest manner distinguishing between public and private interests.


We work as a team and pursue common goals. We believe that teamwork is key to the successful performance of the group of undertakings.

Certificates and quality management

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Trustpack, UAB pays continuous attention to the improvement of all processes taking place in the company. Management systems and internal procedures implemented in the Company ensure tight control of activities and processes, product quality and confidentiality. The activity of our company is in compliance with the requirements of international standards and legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, as evidenced by the certificates issued to the Company.